Monday, 25 July 2011

Things i want but dont necessarily need!

College starts in a week and i was looking online for a college bag and found this! well, it's not a big bag but its so pretty right? haha. It's not really what i'm looking for but what the hell!                                                 
It's a red leather ostrich satchel from accessorize.

Again, for college a need a pair of good looking yet comfortable pair of shoes. These are practical so i should get them.

This pair of leather oxfords are from forever 21.

# 3
i love headbands! they're so freaking cool. I think i'm going to start wearing them even if people think i'm a freak.  But i'm not going to buy any. I'll make them on my own :)

SEQUINS! i love the bling. the subtle bling. like this one from Manish arora! it's so glamorous yet classy. I love the shape of it too.

A simple good looking pair of black pumps. I have amazing black heels which are comfortable also (ohyeah) but i want simple ones. I need it. You know, generally :D
These platform peep toe's  from zara are pretty neat!

PS : i'm still looking for a nice college bag. Please do tell if you where i can get a nice one! also, feel free to buy me these things if you want :D


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