Friday, 5 August 2011


So first week of college is over and i can very confidently say it's not great. Although i do like my course but it seems so tough and so challenging that i'm more than scared! The campus is horrible it's just one building and there are 8 more buildings to it so you cant really call it a campus. Everyday i hop from one building to another! I have friends outside class and when we meet in the break, all we talk about is how pathetic our class is!             
My college is populated by two kinds of people -
The first who call brazil brajil and can hardly talk in english
The second, who are really fancy and can hardly talk in hindi and cant eat in the college canteen.
Then there's a tiny , really small faction of normal people.
But you what I have learnt from the first week is that just because they cant talk in english properly doesnt mean they're not any good. They might not dress well ( girls in fashion school can be really mean) but they have ideas that maybe none of us could have thought about. So even if i do think i'm cooler than them, I'm not.
College is pretty bad but it will become better right? i think it will!
That's all about college till now!

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