Friday, 5 August 2011

She's a friend of mine, wearing a sequence jacket by zoe but originally bought from sarojini nagar! (dont you love it?) it's my favorite possession right now and the strappy red heels as you might have seen in my earlier post is from zara! 

Thats the both of us and the glitter racer back top, orange skirt and black tie up booties are all from zara! 


So first week of college is over and i can very confidently say it's not great. Although i do like my course but it seems so tough and so challenging that i'm more than scared! The campus is horrible it's just one building and there are 8 more buildings to it so you cant really call it a campus. Everyday i hop from one building to another! I have friends outside class and when we meet in the break, all we talk about is how pathetic our class is!             
My college is populated by two kinds of people -
The first who call brazil brajil and can hardly talk in english
The second, who are really fancy and can hardly talk in hindi and cant eat in the college canteen.
Then there's a tiny , really small faction of normal people.
But you what I have learnt from the first week is that just because they cant talk in english properly doesnt mean they're not any good. They might not dress well ( girls in fashion school can be really mean) but they have ideas that maybe none of us could have thought about. So even if i do think i'm cooler than them, I'm not.
College is pretty bad but it will become better right? i think it will!
That's all about college till now!

Monday, 25 July 2011

Things i want but dont necessarily need!

College starts in a week and i was looking online for a college bag and found this! well, it's not a big bag but its so pretty right? haha. It's not really what i'm looking for but what the hell!                                                 
It's a red leather ostrich satchel from accessorize.

Again, for college a need a pair of good looking yet comfortable pair of shoes. These are practical so i should get them.

This pair of leather oxfords are from forever 21.

# 3
i love headbands! they're so freaking cool. I think i'm going to start wearing them even if people think i'm a freak.  But i'm not going to buy any. I'll make them on my own :)

SEQUINS! i love the bling. the subtle bling. like this one from Manish arora! it's so glamorous yet classy. I love the shape of it too.

A simple good looking pair of black pumps. I have amazing black heels which are comfortable also (ohyeah) but i want simple ones. I need it. You know, generally :D
These platform peep toe's  from zara are pretty neat!

PS : i'm still looking for a nice college bag. Please do tell if you where i can get a nice one! also, feel free to buy me these things if you want :D


Saturday, 23 July 2011

i just bought these new shorts and i LOVE them. The pictures havent come out great ( sorry) but just had to post it asap. self timer is pretty annoying. They're reallly comfortable and perfect for delhi heat. Cant wait to wear them!

i love these groovy shades! yes i am obsessed with the word GROOVY. :D
and the hat! i saw it forever 21 and walked and danced for a good half an hour  and everyone including vj juhi (ohyeah) was staring at me. I knew i just had to buy it.
the necklaces and bangles are from colaba! and the wear-with-anything-practical belt is from zara.

"You put high heels on and you change"  - manolo blahnik.

I love these heels. I love the colour. I love that its strappy. I love that it's bold and sexy. I love the size of heel. although my mom says i look a bit too tall and the usual "you wont get a boy" Even then. I love them!
This beautiful pair of heels are from zara.

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

favourite song at the moment :)

Pilot post!

hello everyone! I've finally started my blog after months and days of contemplation. I'm so excited that i'm getting hysterical and laughing at every single thing. Even right now, this very moment! or maybe it's just the mushroom tikka's. I dont really know what to write in my first post. whether i should write about myself , things i like or about what i'd like to do with my life. i guess i'll get better at it though. yes?
anyway, i'm an 18 year old , aspiring fashion designer and I start college in a week! I am only too curious about college. It's not regular DU college where you know people and you know you dont have to study a bit till maybe the last month and know what you're going to study. It's fashion school! So i dont know what my course will be. What subjects i'll have. Whether we'll get to design our clothes in the very first year! aaah it all seems quite exciting no?
i'm sorry if i sound too hyper and excited in my first post but i just am!
hope you guy's like me. or world wide web me!
i'm going to put on my groovy shades and dance to bulletproof .
till then, get groovy!