Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Pilot post!

hello everyone! I've finally started my blog after months and days of contemplation. I'm so excited that i'm getting hysterical and laughing at every single thing. Even right now, this very moment! or maybe it's just the mushroom tikka's. I dont really know what to write in my first post. whether i should write about myself , things i like or about what i'd like to do with my life. i guess i'll get better at it though. yes?
anyway, i'm an 18 year old , aspiring fashion designer and I start college in a week! I am only too curious about college. It's not regular DU college where you know people and you know you dont have to study a bit till maybe the last month and know what you're going to study. It's fashion school! So i dont know what my course will be. What subjects i'll have. Whether we'll get to design our clothes in the very first year! aaah it all seems quite exciting no?
i'm sorry if i sound too hyper and excited in my first post but i just am!
hope you guy's like me. or world wide web me!
i'm going to put on my groovy shades and dance to bulletproof .
till then, get groovy! 

1 comment:

  1. SUCH A CUTIE! Haha weirdo, people DO study in college, just I don't, so you've been given a wrong impression. Very colorful. Now let me sleep.yes? :)