Saturday, 23 July 2011

i just bought these new shorts and i LOVE them. The pictures havent come out great ( sorry) but just had to post it asap. self timer is pretty annoying. They're reallly comfortable and perfect for delhi heat. Cant wait to wear them!

i love these groovy shades! yes i am obsessed with the word GROOVY. :D
and the hat! i saw it forever 21 and walked and danced for a good half an hour  and everyone including vj juhi (ohyeah) was staring at me. I knew i just had to buy it.
the necklaces and bangles are from colaba! and the wear-with-anything-practical belt is from zara.

"You put high heels on and you change"  - manolo blahnik.

I love these heels. I love the colour. I love that its strappy. I love that it's bold and sexy. I love the size of heel. although my mom says i look a bit too tall and the usual "you wont get a boy" Even then. I love them!
This beautiful pair of heels are from zara.


  1. the orange heels are to die for , i recently saw them in vogue with the tag of "price on request " . the GROOVY owl is such a stucker with soo many polka's around it ,i totally adore it . annnd the short , i NNNED to borrow them soon !

  2. You can borrow them anytime you want! yes the heels are awesome! you can borrow those too. Just grow your feet a little more!